2020 Girls Gift Guide

By: McKenna Childs

The holidays are coming up, which means now is the time to pick out final presents for your friends and family members. However, sometimes deciding what to get is tricky, and budget friendly options can be hard to find. This is where our teen gift guide comes in! No matter how much you’re willing to spend, or who is getting your gift, this article will have a ton of options for you!

Let’s start off with under $15 gifts. There are plenty of things you can get for this amount, and even Amazon’s site has a sorting tab for gifts under $15. But maybe you don’t want to get the more generic things you can find there. If the person receiving your gift is into makeup or skincare, Colourpop cosmetics has a ton of budget-friendly palettes, masks, serums, and beauty tools. Right now they have holiday ornaments with lip glosses, as well as other mini bundles that would work great as stocking stuffers. Maybe the person receiving your gift doesn’t want any of that and is more into art. Stabilo is a sustainable German company that makes high-quality stationary and art supplies for a fairly low price. They have everything ranging from fineliner pen sets to highlighters in fun colors. I own both of these products, and they do not disappoint! If these two options don’t fit the person’s interest, you can always go with the safe choice of getting them candy and snacks. Even the dollar store has a wide selection of snacks and candies that are perfect if you want to have a creative and useful gift.

If you have a higher budget of under $40-45, there are more options for great gifts you can purchase. A unique and fun idea is to select your person’s favorite color, and make a color-themed gift box. Find candy, chips, fuzzy socks, lip balms, phone cases, bracelets, markers, and other small items of the same color on Amazon or Walmart. Then find a box that can fix all of those items and paint in the corresponding color (add as many fun details as you want, make it exciting!) This gift is easy, versatile, and fun to make. You can customize all of the items in the box based on what you think your friends truly want. It is a gift that is guaranteed to impress and surprise whoever is receiving it. 

If you have a large budget of anything $100 and under, there are plenty of options for you! Friendship lamps is a company that makes lamp sets that link up. When you tap to change the color of your lamp, it corresponds with the lamp that you gifted to your friend. It is a great gift, especially in times where quarantine can make us feel like we aren’t getting the connections we used to. Another gift similar to this is the Bond Touch Bracelet, which is linked up just like the lamp but it sends small vibrations to the corresponding devices.  

If you don’t have a budget in mind or none of these gifts interest you, Etsy is a great place to find unique handmade items ranging from dresses to one of a kind collectables. You can order custom name necklaces, art prints, rings, handmade paints, and pretty much anything you can think of.  If that still doesn’t interest you, you can always ask your friends what they want or get gift cards to their favorite stores or restaurants. Happy holidays and have a wonderful time shopping!

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