Winter Activities to do in Quarantine

By: McKenna Childs

It has been very hard to get outside or do activities during the winter season because of the coronavirus. However, this doesn’t mean that it is it’s impossible. There are still plenty of safe options for winter fun that involve distancing or made possible to do alone. 

One great option is to do outdoor snow activities like skiing, snowboarding, and sledding. Skiing and snowboarding involve being in public, but because of the nature of the activity, you areyou’re pretty much 6 or more feet away from people at all times. Sledding is another great option because you can do it in your own backyard or at a local park, and it rarely involves being around others. The only downsides to this are the fact that both require snow and are weather-dependent. Skiing and snowboarding can also be quite expensive, especially if you do not already have the needed equipment.

If there is isthere’s no snow outside or you can’t do those activities, there are there’s still plenty of indoor options! You can still do most of the activities you were able to do at home last year, like arts and crafts and playing video games. If you want to hang out with friends but are unable to do it in-person, a great option is to facetime or call them and hang out. If you want to hang out for an entire night, build a fort in your room or basement and talk to them almost like you are  having a sleepover.

Remember that just because we are all under strict quarantine, there’s still ways to enjoy yourself and hang out with friends. 

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