Empower Voices. Strengthen Young Women.

Our newspaper strives to facilitate learning on an individual and team level. Through solo writing, peer editing, and group collaboration, our team learns how to write robust and authentic articles.

Our newspaper posts on a weekly basis, with separate articles being uploaded as the week progresses. We work hand-in-hand with the NDTV and NDA community, in order to tackle difficult discussions about race, politics, and mental health.

In addition to our columns, we create smaller articles for more fun and lighthearted topics such as baking ideas, movies arriving, and holidays.

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Mia Robinson

My name is Mia Robinson, and I am the founder of the NDA Newspaper. I love to write poetry, and I love to open up a new book when I am not reading a textbook! I also love to run and listen to music.

Florence Narh

Chloe Sadowski

Rebecca Edwardsen

Shannon Sweeney

Jackie Letendre

Grace Donfield

Hailey Farrow

Maggie Lyerly

Vivian Hill

Vivian, also known as Viv, is a junior in high school. She is a writer and graphic designer for the newspaper club as well. She enjoys drawing, reading, writing, and overall relaxing. Vivian is also the owner of two ferrets, Paris and Madeline (aka Maddie). When asked what four words she thinks defines her, she answered “Clumsy, reserved, sympathetic, and lucky”.

Emily Wharton

My name is Emily Wharton. I am a junior, and I enjoy playing basketball and doing art. My favorite book is the Five People you Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom. I also enjoy tutoring little kids! 

Abigail Spaulding

Kara Moquin

Olivia Diorio

Thi Ly

Alysanne Buckley

Emma O’Connor

Cecilia Jarry

Eva Larson

Eva Larson is a sophomore and partakes in Chamber Chorale, Glee Club, and Cultural Diversity Club. She enjoys painting, science, and true crime podcasts in her free time. She also likes to cook and bake. Eva writes for the Political and Social columns as an editor. 

McKenna Childs

Jaylynn Pridgen

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